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Academy of the Mind

Academy of the Mind is excited to return with a brand new course for Australia’s medical students in 2017. Academy of the Mind encompasses two courses - Medical Minds and All Kinds of Minds -  both of which consider mental health from different perspectives.

Medical Minds

This course, Academy of the Mind: Medical Minds, focuses specifically on the mental health of medical students and it has been made freely available to all Australian medical students. Completing this course is not a prerequisite for enrolment into the second course.

It is well established that the demands and expectations of medicine can lead to the development of mental health illnesses amongst medical students. Academy of the Mind: Medical Minds is committed to help students to learn to understand, nurture and care for their mental health as well as recognise, understand and assist with the mental health of peers and friends. Join us on this journey as we explore pertinent information regarding mental health first aid, testimonials from students, JMOs and their families, prevention and coping, acute crisis management, important warning signs, mandatory reporting, useful resources and much more.

All Kinds of Minds

The Academy Of The Mind: All Kinds of Minds course for 2017 builds upon the modules put together in 2014 and 2015. From previous years, the course structure allows medical students to dictate their own learning. The modules offer an option of mental health enhancement strategies regarding adolescent, Indigenous and LGBTIQ populations, where students will explore issues facing these population groups and learn how to better approach, appreciate and support the health of these patients.

The course will also encourage students to look at mental health from a public health perspective. The course has been developed in consultation with Australia’s best-recognized experts in the field of mental health. It will equip students with critical knowledge and resources for dealing with mental illness in their future careers, and in the broad community. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be better equipped as mental health advocates!

Global Academy

Global Academy returns with even more exciting modules, speakers and creative ways to learn about global health in 2017! Global Academy is divided into two courses - The Big Picture and Let’s Focus - which both consider global health in today’s world in different perspectives. Completing the first course is not a prerequisite for enrolment into the second course.

The Big Picture

This course, Global Academy: The Big Picture, is the first of two courses. Are you passionate about global health? Would you like to understand more about the big picture and where we as future doctors fit it?

If you are looking to fill the gaps in your curriculum regarding global health inequities, resource allocation, health-care policy, economics and anthropology, this course is for you! With a strong focus on the historical context of global health and the social determinants of health, this course champions the Sustainable Development Goals and the part that we can play in their fulfilment. Developed in partnership with ASMA Global Health, this course is about recognising that knowledge can provide us with a stronger foundation to be globally active and contribute to social justice in all areas of healthcare provision. Easy enough to grasp, but challenging and engaging, this course is a must for anyone interested in working in global health.

Join us on this journey as we explore these foundational cornerstones to equip you with the core knowledge to understand any global health issue in the world. Nail the core principles and start to apply your knowledge like a true global health expert today.

Lets Focus

Global Academy: Let’s Focus zooms in on contemporary challenges and seeks to inform and equip you to think effectively and creatively about public health dilemmas such as sustainable development goals, poverty and development, effective altruism and critiquing aid.

This year the course will feature a case study on refugee and asylum seeker health in a global context, to supplement the work of AMSA Global Health’s national project - Crossing Borders for health. Other case studies will include climate change, natural disaster management and climate refugees. Building on the foundation of “The Big Picture”, this module encourages participants to apply their knowledge to topical issues in global health.

Immerse yourself in a course that will enhance your efficiency in tackling complex global health issues.

Let's Talk About Sex

Lets Talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex is a course which approaches sensitive discussion topics in a receptive and understanding manner. Encompassing educational materials from both 2014 and 2015, it brings a modern appreciation towards sexuality and gender. This course imparts skills on tackling various challenging discussions about difficulties in intercourse, adolescent identities and the social and cultural impacts surrounding these concerns as well as sexual health in priority populations. Learn from the best to improve your language and gain more awareness on sexual health so that you’d be able to approach these discussions with your future patients with confidence!

Course modules:

Talking about sex, Gender and sexuality, Healthy sex over a lifetime, Sexual difficulties, Adolescent and sexual health, Sexual health in priority populations